Small Business Lending Intelligence powered by Charm Solutions

Accelerate SMB Lending Decisions with an AI-Powered Engine 


Abrigo Small Business Lending Intelligence is a decision engine powered by Charm Solutions, a provider of AI technology. It is embedded into the Abrigo loan origination platform and provides real-time scorecards that include a loan score, probability of default, and details of how the score was calculated. 

The engine leverages self-learning AI to continuously monitor a wide range of current and historical data, loan performance, and accounting and macro-economic data from more than 1,200 institutions. Abrigo Small Business Lending Intelligence is a transparent engine, providing institutions with insight into the data and processes used for its scoring model. 

Abrigo Small Business Lending Intelligence also provides an early warning system for changes that may impact an institution's entire loan portfolio – before they become an issue. The institution can set the intervals at which monitoring should happen and automatically check every loan in their portfolio.





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