Loan Workout Automation

Optimizing your investment in web-based tools

Thursday, May 21

3:00 PM ET / 2:00 PM CT

Lenders in many markets will face a wave of negotiations and restructures as they seek to stabilize those borrowers who can recover from the events of early 2020, and protect the lenders’ interests in cases where no recovery is likely.  Join this conversation with product experts and implementation consultants at Abrigo to see how the tools you already have in place can make this process more efficient.  In this sixty minute webinar, we will discuss how the Abrigo software offerings address the following important considerations:

  • Establishing and applying consistent criteria for decision-making
  • Triage and prioritization for stabilizing troubled customers
  • Present-value modeling for terms of restructured agreements
  • Efficient communication for (likely understaffed) special assets teams
  • Integrated processes for secure, distributed decision-making